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Summer 2018 - Jungle

From April to July 2018, Perform For Schools are offering free interactive drama workshops for Foundation and Key Stage 1 

Each workshop is led by an experienced DBS checked actor who plays the role of the brave Jungle Explorer.  They'll use story-telling, role-play, rhyme, song, and movement to take the children on a wild adventure through the African Jungle.

Having completed their important Jungle training, the children will get on their elephants and ride into the wilderness on a mission to rescue Blaze, the last remaining Golden Cat, with a little help from a cheeky monkey called Boo.

The workshops are 25-minutes long and each one is specially tailored to suit the ages and needs of the class. The children will meet Eeli the elephant, eat Banana Pie, sing along with a cheetah and dance the Jungle Jive. This action-packed journey will introduce the children to the joys of live improvised performance. 

The workshops are fun, lively and completely free. To book your school’s FREE Jungle workshop, complete our online form or email [email protected].

All sessions require a school hall or large classroom. 

All the children had a wonderful time whilst learning about recycling. The laughter and enjoyment brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you!

– Jackie Olcot

Your leaders are always incredibly cheerful and enthusiastic. They always get the best from the children with their energetic and well-planned sessions.

– Belinda Clothier

Both children and adults enjoyed the workshop. It provided the adults a hook to start the work linked to the work they had planned and gave the children the excitment to complete the work set.

– Lynette Allsop

Alex was fantastic with the children, she was enthusiastic and really got the children involved. I have had lots of teachers coming to tell me how much their children enjoyed the workshop! Thank you so much!

– Emma Grimley

The children were engaged and excited to join in. It was lovely to see all children able to shine .

– Alissa Bobrow

Katie was excellent, her energy and enthusiasm managed to capture the attention of even our most challenging pupils. It was amazing to see pupils who are so often disengaged from learning, become captured by the drama and show off their imagination.

– Lucy Mannion

James was excellent and the children loved their time with him! He was so enthusiastic and fun. Thank you!

– Rachael Barltrop

Charlotte was fantastic! She was full of energy and the children really enjoyed the acitivities. She also managed over-excitement well. Thank you!

– Tara Pullin

Emily was excellent, she was particularly praised for her work with our youngest children (aged 4 - 5).

Thank you

– Debbie Knights

All the children engaged really well, from our most able to those who don't usually enjoy performing or team games. Kate was really fun! She was very professional and positive, and kept all the activities really fast paced and interesting.

– Hollie Morgan

Enthusiastically enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike. Always a pleasure!

– Julie Perrin

Indigo was fantastic and really engaged the children. The children were buzzing after their workshop!

– Kayleigh Haden

It was a really energetic and enjoyable session and the children were all very engaged.

– Kelly

Feedback from teachers has been excellent. The children were very engaged and Hannah managed the groups really well.

We are looking into having some workshops during the next academic year.

– Victoria Bishop

Eleanor did a great job! The students were very engaged and she gave very clear and short instructions. I would definitely recommend the workshop to others!

– Leora

Hannah was very engaging and enthusiastic with the children and we all had a great morning. Thank you.

– Rachael Harvey

The teachers all spoke highly of the workshop and were impressed by the way it was run. The children had a great time and were able to transfer what they had learned into their writing to produce high quality work.

– Paul Pritchard

Alana was very enthusiastic and had a lovely manner with the boys keeping them engaged, allowing them to have their own ideas and express themselves.

– Chantal Hankin

Girls all thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and all actively involved. Good to see variation between what was taught in the Y2 class and the Y6 class.

– Kate White

Lucy was full of energy and really inspired the girls. They were all fully involved and enjoyed the sessions. THANK YOU

– Kate White

A great inclusive workshop which included all children, including SEN children. The children had a fantastic time and were able to talk about what they had learned and include this in their writing.

– Paul Pritchard

Alana was fantastic with the children and they all really enjoyed the workshop. She adapted the workshop to the different year groups which meant the were all very engaged. Thank you for this lovely experience.

– An Stachg

All the children thoroughly enjoyed their workshops and the staff came to tell me how impressed they were. Big thank you to Ella

– Catherine Tillman

Joanna was great with the children and they all had a fantastic time. They spoke about ways in which we can encourage recycling at school after the workshop.

– Jamie Stevens

Ben was very professional: phoning me a week before, arriving on time, dealing with last minute time changes. He ran the sessions very efficiently, the children absolutely loved them. The teachers were very impressed with Ben.

– Sam Moulton

Just wanted to say that children were 100% engaged, they talked about the workshop afterwards. Managing the behaviour was excellent. I had only positive feedback from the other teachers too.

– Silvia Norris

I thought the Perform workshop with my Yr R class was excellent today. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a real highlight of our "Superhero" dress up day! Sam was fantastic, we loved her energy. She engaged the children really well with her songs, games and story. I would totally recommend to other schools. Thank you so much.

– Catherine Bryant

All children were engaged throughout the drama session. Emma was really good with the children. She was professional and enthusiastic she made the session fun and exciting. 

– Theresa Haine

Our children loved the workshops. They were engaged but most importantly they had fun! All teachers who participated in the workshops said that Rhia was fantastic and her positive behaviour management was exceptional, especially as she did not know the children.

– Rachael Wilkie

Anna arrived promptly this morning and was very friendly and professional. All the staff whose classes attended the sessions all said that they were great, interactive, pitched at the right level and engaging!

– Felicity Kneen

I am told it was great fun - Egyptian dances captured the imagination!

– Lesley Hearsum

Indigo managed to engage the children brilliantly throughout the session, one child came and checked with me at the end whether we were just pretending or whether it was real, which I would say is the mark of an excellent drama workshop lead by an excellent practitioner.

– Clare Stevens

Rebecca was excellent with the Nursery age group. The children were fully engaged for the whole session and had a brilliant time.

– Henrietta Cantouris

All staff involved thought it was a wonderful session. We included our nursery class this time and the Nursery Manager approached me specifically to express how brilliantly she felt Samantha ran the workshop and managed the children.

– Shelley Allen

The workshop was interactive and great fun. The children really enjoyed it and hopefully learned a lot about looking after the world.

– Mrs Maddison

Rachel was very well organised and provided a stimulating session. All the children enjoyed the workshop.

– Davina Tunkel

Really happy to see one of my more challenging children really engaged throughout, as he usually struggles to listen, focus and join in but managed all today beautifully, thanks to Ella's expertise and enthusiasm. Rest of the children all loved it too and had a marvellous time. Will be booking a workshop shortly!

– Jacky Ogilvie

Super session and all children thoroughly enjoyed it! Lucinda was amazing with the children and had them all engaged. Thank you so much for coming in!

– Charlotte Cameron

Katie was fantastic and the children really enjoyed their workshop. She was very engaging and inclusive of all the various ages and abilities in our school. We are looking forward to the other perform workshops we have booked for later this year!

– Kathryn Agius

Chloe was absolutely amazing! She was very professional and super friendly. The pupils loved the sessions and she made them all feel confident to perform.

– Luissa Galloso

The children loved it and Lucy was very organised and professional.

– Laura Tullett

The superhero workshop was absolutely fantastic today from start to finish. The leader was just brilliant and was so engaging and enthusiastic which the children reacted to so well. Thank you so much for coming to our school. We will definitely be interested in arranging another visit.

– Emily Wood

Hannah was so wonderful today; the children and staff absolutely loved the sessions and she managed the range of ages superbly. She was professional, enthusiastic and lovely to work with. Thank you for a brilliant day!

– Megan Holloway

It was great! The children were thoroughly enthralled and engaged. They were mesmerised by the workshop and all staff members expressed how great Marie was at keeping the children engaged. 

– Annabel Worlock

We thought Eleanor was great - the children were fully engaged and loved every minute.

– Lisa Wilkey

The children absolutely loved it and continued being superheros in the classroom! They had great fun.

– Alex Dennis

The children adored the session. Lucinda has such energy and connected with the children amazingly well - they were completely s pell bound by her!

– Katie Veal

Adults told me that Samantha was engaging and enthusiastic. The children enjoyed the workshops and were really involved in the theme.

– Lucy Abbasi

Chloe was absolutely amazing. I have organised a number of workshops for my classes over the year and her professionalism and enthusiasm with the kids was by far the best I have seen. 

– Holly Cuthbert

Laura was brilliant with all children, behaviour management was excellent and they all really believed they would be able to fly before home time. Even my more sceptical children believed in helping super Laura. We would love to have her back for more workshops

– holly thompson

Thank you Lizzie for a fantastic workshop. The children really enjoyed it!

– Fiona Molloy

We had an amazing morning with Rhia; my class of Reception children were so enthralled with the Superhero theme, with all the children participating enthusiastically. Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the experience too as the theme fitted so well with their current topic. Year 2 children were thrilled with the theme of global warming and were able to identify lots of the suggestions about saving energy.


– Lindsay Burns

Jessica was a very professional, bubbly character and the kids all enjoyed the sessions. A specific description from one of our class teachers was - great, full of energy, engaged the children in all her activities and they seemed to enjoy it a lot!

– Stephen Webb

All the teachers who experienced the workshop were really impressed with Hannah and the workshop. We have passed on the details to our head teacher to see if we can book in for half term club!

– Jess Lock

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. They were engaged throughout and were very inquisitive. They were able to be free and express themselves and were very comfortable with the drama lead Andrew.

– Fahmida Begum

Gemma was energetic and enthusiastic, the children and staff thought she was wonderful.

– Suzanne Whitcher

Thank you so much for your visit to St Matthews today. The children had a wonderful time. They were focused and engaged and couldn't stop talking about their trip to Party Land. Our Foundation Stage children were inspired to create their own super hero capes and masks afterwards, whilst the workshop prompted discussions about recycling with our Year 2 pupils. Alana was also amazing. Her bubbly, outgoing persona and energy was infectious and engaged the adults as well as the children. A fantastic day was had by all!

– Lisa O'Donovan

The session today lead by Andrew was outstanding. I have been at Highlands for 6 years and I strongly believe that this session was the most engaged I’ve ever seen pupils. Andrews enthusiasm was not only noted by my team but also by other members of staff walking through the hall. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and enriching experience for our children

– Hayley Foster

Faye’s session was completely captivating and the children loved it. It was wonderful for the children to take part in such an imaginative and exciting session, even those who would sometimes be hesitant or slower to participate. The topic link was a wonderful start to our new term and we look forward to explore reduce, reuse and recycle as the term progresses. Thank you Super Dupa!

– Kate Meynell

Thank you, this was a fantastic set of free workshops. Abby was amazing and the kids loved her, plus it gave the teachers lots of ideas about how to continue this term - the staff room was buzzing!

– Katie Alexander

Our school were really impressed with Charlotte. Behaviour management was excellent and sessions were fast paced, engaging and energetic- which captured the children's imagination

They loved it!

– Alice Feltham

Andrew was amazing, the children had the best time and he was so professional and approachable with them. The workshops were fantastic and you could tell he loved his job! The teachers were all really impressed and we can’t wait to welcome Andrew back again!

– Katie Alexander


Kept all the children entertained and engaged.

Very impressive.


All children were really engaged, excited and talked about the sessions afterwards. I really liked Jensen, he was very engaging, fun, and also adapted the session for younger children. It's great for the children to have a very enthusiastic male role model for drama.

– Jill Bartley

The children loved the sessions. We were very pleased and it inspired us all to do more drama and be more creative. Thank you

– Caroline Dobson

All the children and adults loved the workshops. Many of the teachers noted how comfortable and confident Alex made the children feel straight away. Thank you so much for giving the children such an amazing experience.

– Louise Tilley

Many thanks for a great workshop. All 4 classes thoroughly enjoyed it . The year 1 children used the workshop as a focus for independent writing and we were really pleased with their efforts.

– Mrs Diane Crutcher

Your workshops are always a hit with the children. They really enjoyed the session. Thanks for giving the children a wonderful expereince.

– Faramade Alawaye

Every session was lively and very engaging for the children. The children in the enhanced provision class for speech and language were very engaged and the session was pitched at the right level for these children. It was great to see the excitement on their faces.

– Debbie Richardson

All classes really enjoyed their workshops. Shaelee had lots of energy with the children and they responded well to her enthusiasm. Thankyou for a great morning.


– Ms. L Downes

Emily was incredibly professional and cheery - the children responded really well to her and got a lot out of the workshop!

– Ms. A Frankau

Shae was great - so enthusiastic and the children loved it! She kept their interest throughout and had a great knowledge about dinosaurs, teaching the children new information by having fun through games and songs. Thank you!

– Ms. L Pinfield

Thank you to Charlotte for great sessions with our Nursery and Reception children. Staff and pupils had great fun and enjoyed your enthusiasm, sparkle, behaviour management and fun activities!

We hope to have you back soon for more! Thank you.

– Anke Du Toit

Martina was very enthusiastic and friendly. The children really enjoyed the workshop - as did the teachers!

– Abby Clark

A lovely and engaging workshop that inspired the children and fitted perfectly with the cross-curricular circus theme that we have been exploring in school this week.

– Lisa Burns

Rachel was animated, enthusiastic and passionate. The children were completely engaged and loved the sessions. Many Thanks!

– Mrs gemma Mitchell

The workshop was very energetic and there was never a dull moment. The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities. Lauren was amazing and very good at keeping their attention.

– Carly

Very engaging for the children

Very well presented

– Meg Leckie

A great energetic workshop!

– Chantelle Daley

As always all children from Year R through to Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and were fully engaged from start to finish. Words used from the teachers when asked about the session included 'brilliant', 'excellent', 'fantastic' and it is the inclusive nature of the workshops that is most highly valued.

– Toni Keogh

Kelly was very engaging and the children loved the workshop experience. I know that the EYFS team were very impressed and have asked me for the details as they wish to book another workshop for next year.

– Lynette Allsop

Thank you Samantha! The children had a brilliant morning and haven't stopped talking about it.

– Karen Ford

Charlotte was fantastic, we had extra kids added last minute to the class but she was very helpful and flexible and a joy to work with. Her engagement with the children was excellent and the workshop was a super addition to our summer holiday activities. Please come again!

– Jeremy Cole

The workshop was absolutely amazing!

Looked like every child enjoyed fun and engaging activities.

– Dominika Wollaston

Hannah inspired and enthused our children. She retained control of each class even though her activities were lively! Well done!

Thank you.

– Jude Richards

All of the attendees and their parents/carers thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, plus the library staff too ! Charlotte captivated the children with her performance :-) We would love Charlotte to make a return visit in the future.

– Tracy Benham

Seline was great, she managed to engage the children for the entirety of each session.

– Marie Nash

Every class thought the workshop was brilliant and all teachers were impressed. We thought it was pitched perfectly and could not fault it. All children were fully engaged, active and were transported to a jungle far, far away.

– Carol Snowden

These sessions are always most impressive. The leaders always have excellent control of the children and the children respond extremely well.

– Claire Copeland

Amazing! Great session, great energy - the children loved it!!!

– Handcross Park

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session. Every single child was engaged and enthusiastic! Thanks Kate for involving everyone and being so energetic!

– Dimitra Crowhurst

It was brilliant, the children really were engaged and involved with the activities. Thank you very much Tom!

– Haley Wells

The workshop was brilliant fun and Rebecca had a wonderful way with the children. It was great for me to watch the children join in in such a positive way and they had a fantastic time throughout.

– Samantha Ruck

Bethany was excellent, she had the children completely captivated.

– Juliette Nicholson

Superb, free workshop that the children absolutely loved. Thanks so much.

– Mrs Katherine Strong

Ashia worked very well with the 3 different year groups. She was well organised and prepared. The children really enjoyed the workshops and had great fun in getting involved with the drama activities.

– Mrs G Newson

The children always love the drama workshops and talk about them for weeks afterwards! Thank you!

– Tacey Attwell

Lizzie was fantastic with our Reception class. She very quickly had all the children engaged in her fairytale adventure and was able to keep really good control of the children during a very exciting lesson. Thank you Lizzie, we had a wonderful time.

– Julie Fileld

Laura was absolutely fantastic. All of the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions today! I can honestly say that my children were 100% engaged and enthused! I would highly recommended this to many other teachers/schools/parents. Thank you so much!

– Emily Jakeman

Punctual, professional, lovely relationship with the children...they all loved the Fairy Rap!

– Penny Stephenson

Great behaviour management and Olivia was very enthusiastic which the children loved. Thank you.

– Mandy Barnes

This was an excellent day and all the staff were really pleased with the content of the workshop, the lovely manner of Caitlin and the enthusiasm and enjoyment she instilled in the children.

– Angela Roach
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