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Dance classes 6-12s


Each term sees a brand new theme for our Perform X classes. Whether it's the colourful world of Alice in Wonderland or the gritty streets of Victorian London, the children will dive head first into a compelling tale to tell through dance. Often exploring classic stories with a cool modern twist, there's plenty to keep young imaginations buzzing. 

Accompanying each theme is a specially created music video with an original score and an original choreographed dance performed by our very own teachers. Culminating in an end of term presentation for friends and family, the children will enjoy practising the dance and learning the music both at home and in class. Previous themes include Alien Invasion, Jailbreak, Burn London Burn, Through the Looking Glass and Oz Rebooted

This term's theme is The Looking Glass- a wonderful dance show for 6-12s.

My children had a great time with Oliver and Perform. They love to come every week and enjoyed the Rise of the Robots dance.

– Mr Slawomir Wozny

Vincenzo really enjoys the Perform classes and is excited about the Rise of the Robots performance. The teachers did a very good job at integrating Vincenzo into the existing group of children and I was glad to see him comfortable and excited about the classes. He is very happy with Perform.

– Ms Vasiliki Georgiou

The workshop was well structured giving children plenty of opportunities to learn the dance steps and then to have a go at choreographing their own short dance. They worked as individuals and as a group. The theme was engaging and the children really enjoyed it.

– Emily Manners

River says it’s "amazing", "awesome", "brilliant", "hard work" and "the best dance class".

– Jonathan Dove

Ruby is always buzzing with excitement when I pick her up from her Perform X class. She practices her moves with enthusiasm all the time. The teacher, Oliver, is full of fun and has a great attitude which promotes confidence and happiness in all the children. I can't recommend the class enough. 

– Rosie Lee
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