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Robinson Crusoe in Space

Just like our face-to-face weekly workshops, Perform at Home children are off on an adventure into space with Robinson Crusoe. This term’s show for 7–12s is a thrill-filled roller-coaster ride through the universe and beyond.

After Captain Crusoe accidentally steers his spaceship into a meteor field, he is stranded on Mars with only the Crusettes for company. Ever resourceful, he builds himself a home and waits to be rescued by a passing intergalactic craft. But when Commander Cannibal and the Confederation arrive to capture the Martian children for their cooking pot, Captain Crusoe faces his biggest challenge yet. Will he be able to defeat the cannibals, save the kids and get back home?

Class days, times and costs

Click here for the list of days and times. You can sign up by purchasing classes in blocks of 3 or 6 weeks. Classes can be cancelled at any time and the resulting credit used for any future Perform products or services.

Perform At Home classes cost £8 per class for blocks of 6, £7.20 each for 12 and £6.80 for blocks of 18 or more.

Please note that availability is limited. If there is no space in your chosen class, please do go on the waiting list and we will contact you when a place becomes available.

Access via Zoom

Perform At Home classes are hosted on Zoom - the world's leading video conferencing platform. For more information on our reasons for selecting Zoom and reassurance as to security and privacy, please click here.

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