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Spring Term Themes

Each term sees a brand new captivating theme to keep young imaginations buzzing. Working with specially written scripts, songs, and dances, the children work towards a final end-of-term presentation for friends and family. 

Outer Space

4–7s are blasting off into a star-studded galaxy for an amazing intergalactic adventure. Your child will zoom off with the Sparkly Spaceman, dance the Zero Gravity Groove and meet the Man in the Moon as they go on a mission to save the universe. 

As well as weekly fun, and a chance to make new friends, your child can take home a colourful sticker poster, a CD packed with songs and stories and a special script to help your child rehearse for the thrilling end of term performance. Find out more, watch the videos and download the free app. 

The Hercules Beat

This term for 7–12 year-olds , superhero Hercules is on a quest to inspire the ancient Greeks to take a break from eating, drinking and philosophising...and get dancing. Up on Mount Olympus, the Gods are worried. The mortals on Earth have forgotten how to move and groove. Hercules is sent to capture the nation with his fancy footwork and amazing voice. With hilarious scenes, rocking songs and dazzling dancing, The Hercules Beat is a jivetastic show for 7-12s.  Find out more, watch the videos and download the free app. 


Perform X are working on a spectacular street dance based on Oliver Twist. Meet Oli T, a poor orphan in Mr Bumble’s cruel workhouse. With the words ‘Can I have some more?’ he finds himself cast out to the mean streets of Victorian London. Together with talented girl rapper, Charley, and the cheeky Artful D, Oli joins bad boy Fagin and his band of hip hop thieves. This modern take on the gritty classic takes a good hard look at society and asks, ‘Don’cha think it’s kinda twisted?’ Find out more and watch the video. 


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