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Download The Secret Garden songs to practise at home

If your child would like to practise The Secret Garden songs at home, you can hear them below.

To play, just click the title. To download, simply right-click the title and choose 'Save As...' and choose where to save on your computer.

Everybody Needs Love

Spoilt Mary

Animal Charmer

Secret Garden

It Just Takes Time




Keep up the great work - we all look forward to Perform sessions - so much so that our daughter is up with the lark begging to go each morning which is brilliant!

– Mrs Jane Hamilton

Anthony, Jess and Olivia were fantastic, such great energy, and they were fabulous with the kids. We will definitely be recommending the holiday courses and attending again.

– Caroline Holmes

Such an amazing course! Lydia had a great time. The teachers did a fab job getting them all to do so well. All very friendly and engaged with the children. The crafts they brought home were lovely too.

– Mrs Caroline Davis

My daughter had a great time and Oliver & Chloe were lovely

– Ms Emma Porter

My daughter had an amazing time at the Wizard of Oz holiday workshop. Sam and her team are very professional and encouraging.

– Ms Kate Kerwood

Cleo really enjoyed learning the songs and was so proud of herself for her solo singing. She loved meeting new friends, wearing the costumes and the arts and crafts. Thankyou for taking such good care of her.

– Ms Joanna Gibbons

Wonderful, it was Florence's first time at Perform and she loved it. She has been singing the songs all week, perfect high energy Summer holiday fun to keep them entertained.

– Mrs J Digweed

This is the first time Nancy has attended Perform. I have been blown away with the communication and professionalism of staff. Nancy has had a ball and we were all very proud of her today.

– Nicole Waters

Minnie knew nobody at the start of the week, but came away with a new set of friends. It was the perfect dress rehearsal for school in September. She absolutely LOVED it! Thank you for an amazing week.

– Mrs Rebecca Dawes

Can not praise Gemma and her team enough. Fantastic experience for my daughter and I will be booking the next holiday course.

– Mrs N. Macpherson
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