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Peter Pan Half Day

'Let's have fun!' said Peter Pan and that's exactly what we've got planned this October half term.

We’re setting sail for an unforgettable drama, dance and singing adventure. With Peter, the Lost Boys and Tinker Bell in tow, the children will go on the trip of a lifetime. 

With a sprinkle of fairy dust, our terrific teachers will work their magic to ensure your child enjoys every minute. They'll be with them every step of the way to inspire and encourage them to project their voices, sing catchy songs, and develop the Perform 4 Cs: Confidence, Concentration,  Communication and Coordination.

Meera loved it. She came out so happy at the end of each day, and was excited to attend each morning. Olivia was so welcoming and professional at all times. We loved it, and would highly recommend to others. 

– Ms Niamh O'Keeffe

It was brilliant and my son had a fabulous time. It was wonderful to see him flourish during the performance and be really enthusiastic about the whole thing!

– Mrs Joelle Godfrey

 Joseph absolutely loved the teachers and activities. I was also really struck by the thoughtful warm-ups and the way the teachers engaged with and stimulated the children. Sophie and her team had his undivided focus!

– Mrs Amy Coates

Really impressed, especially given the time constraints and Covid. Hector was a bit reluctant to go in each day but then had a great time. He’s even opted to do a trial with Sian next week.

– Mrs Gemma Bowles

Everything about this was excellent. Amy loved all of it. It kept her interest all week and even though it was only an hour a day it was the undoubted highlight of her half term. Thank you!

– Sarah Mccann

Lucy absolutely loved the week. It was a great script with interesting parts and singing for all the children. Alana and her team were so enthusiastic and did a fantastic job of getting best out of the kids. They all performed brilliantly and sang their hearts out today. Big thumbs up from Lucy.

– Mrs C Jones

Darcy really enjoyed Rhia’s Princess Perfect Show - she was entirely engrossed the whole hour which was very impressive on Zoom!

– Mrs Anna Ursinus

This was Stella's first experience of perform. It was amazing to see her joining in, doing the moves and the singing and to hear her say her line and her name at the end of the performance was just amazing! Stella had a great week and the performance was superb!

– Katie Simmonds

This was the first time Olive had attended Perform and she didn't know anyone else there. However she was clearly made welcome and well looked after. From day one she came out happy and excited about her day. She had an amazing time and really enjoyed the experience. She's now really keen to start the weekly classes and we have signed up for a free taster. Thank you so much for giving her such a lovely start to the summer holidays.

– Ms Jessica Redway

Matilda says it was epic and that she wants to go again every week. She really enjoyed it and mad lots of new friends. We are still singing the songs and have had a weekend of 'I miss Perform' and a few tears that it is over.

– Nicola Hill

These workshops are running at :

St Simons' Church Hall, Waverley Road, Southsea, PO5 2PW

Thursday 28th October

10am - 12pm

To book your child's place on any of these workshops call our friendly customer services team on 0207 255 9120 or book online.

For just £10, these one-off sessions are the perfect half-term treat! 

Children should wear comfortable clothing with trainer-like shoes and bring a water bottle.

020 7255 9120 Phone