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Embark on an epic adventure this summer

This summer, your 7-12 year old could find themselves catapulted into the future. The year is 3010 and, on 'Planet Disco', a cyberspace adventure awaits. 

In this fun-filled five day dance, drama and singing course, our dynamic team of theatre professionals work with the children to inspire and encourage them as they put together a specially written original show. 

Prepare to zoom into a futuristic world where children travel to school by spaceship and computers are a part of the family. What will happen when Zara sneaks off to Planet Stink? And just who is this Twinkletoes anyhow? In this action-packed tale, the children will meet a whole host of dynamic space-age characters as well as learning the Golden Rules of Internet Safety.

Filled with catchy pop songs, energetic dance routines and lively scenes, this is a great way for your child to discover the joys of performing and make some great new friends along the way. At the end of the course, they will even get the chance to present their show complete with props and costumes. 

Our courses are run by highly trained actors, musicians and dancers who will work their magic to both ensure your child enjoys every second and to nurture their true potential. They'll guide the children each step of the way and encourage them to project their voices, learn energetic dances and sing some original pop songs - all while developing the Perform 4 Cs: Confidence, Concentration, Communication and Coordination.

The children are sure to have a fabulous time during the five days and come away with a great sense of achievement. But there's no need to take our word for it, click here to see what parents have said about previous holiday courses.


Oliver so enjoyed the Alice In Wonderland holiday course. Robyn and Karen were great with the kids and so enthusiastic. The Alice theme worked really well and the songs were so catchy that we're still singing them! I was amazed at the quality of the show given they only had 3 days to produce it. Oliver is already looking forward to the summer holiday course (as well as his usual termly lessons).

– Ms Tracey Scott

This course was excellent and lots of fun for the children. Aled does such a magnificent job of encouraging the children to participate in such a warm, kind and fun way.

– Ms Rachel Keller

My daugther had an amazing time. Each time we drive past the place where the course took place she says she wants to go back to see Sam and Tim!

– Ms Maud Labat

Amazing performance! Unbelievable what they achived in just 3 days. Keri was amazing and so caring. We all love Perform and can't wait for the new term!

– Ms Rodika Kiriac

Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed the courses they have attended. They have helped to boost their confidence and communication skills and develop their imaginations. They have had a lot of fun and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Perform to other parents.

– Mrs Jenny Wall

This was the first time we attended anything of his kind and we were impressed with the output. It was anya's first time and she clearly was a little shy but the level of commitment from Hannah and her team was incredible!

– Ms Arti Dutta

Raphael has not stopped talking about it! And was disappointed that it was only 3 days!

– Mrs Alex Da Costa

Luke loves coming to Perform every week and has thoroughly enjoyed the holiday course over the last 3 days.

– Mrs Donna Garwood

Pippa loved every minute of the 3 day course. Sam was as fantastic as always and she loved meeting Tim and other children for the first time.

I think her highlight was seeing what costume she was going to be wearing, especially what her axe was going to be like!

Thanks a million.

– Mrs R Greig

I'm delighted at how much my two girls enjoyed this workshop. They were both completely enthralled and loved every minute. They thought Sam and Tim were both great and they loved all the games, songs and fun! It was a treat to see them so engaged and loving the show so much too. Well done Sam and Tim, and thank you so much for all your hard work, positivity and high energy!!!

– Ms Catherine Chamberlain

It was Alice and Eva's first introduction to Perform and they had a whale of a time. The energy of the instructors was superb and the girls were genuinely exhausted by bed time, which takes some doing! They came home full of excitement and enthusiasm singing the songs over and over and learning their lines.

– Ms Marie-Sophie Raskin

This was the second holiday course Thomas has done and he absolutely loved it and you can see how much his confidence has grown

– Mrs Michelle Allen

Johan thoroughly enjoyed the course, and it was noticeable that his concentration was improved by the experience, one of the primary reasons I chose this course. Well done to the teachers, Ollie and Karen.

– Mrs Christine Griffiths

Jean Pierre loves Perform. It gives him an outlet to let himself go and grants us the opportunity to use his strengths and weaknesses in a way that encourages his development. We were soo proud of him and your team's work in such a short space of time. But really no surprise there Perform is excellent!!!

– Ms Jaki Maurey-Delaunay

My son loved every minute. He came out at the end of each day full or stories and joy. It was wonderful to watch the show and see what the children had achieved in such a short time!

– Ms Helen Sharpe

Elliot absolutely loved his holiday course. He can't wait to come along to the next one! A fantastic experience all round.

– Ms Sarah Levison

Fantastic - he loved it and has been very shy in front of small groups so this was a really big thing for him. We're already booking for the next one - thank you!

– Mrs Michelle Allen

Sophia and Victoria enjoyed their Perform holiday course very much. They loved EVERYTHING they did there and the final performance was fabulous!

– Mrs E Tyukova

All of the children looked like they were having an absolute ball. It was a delight to watch and the enthusiasm from the producers was infectious. Super.

– Mrs Helen Winning

Wonderful - Bette's been extremely happy!

– Ms Christine Wood

My son Freddy thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days at Perform holiday course. It was fantastic and he loved it.

– Mrs Catrina Heaton

We can't wait for the next course we can attend! Georges just loved it.

– Dr Marcia Merlin

I was so impressed by how much the children learnt and achieved over the 3 day course. Amber had a blast! Thank you!

– Ms Carol Slater

"Mummy I love it!!! I don't want it to be over! I want to stay!" -- Philippa (4)

– Mrs Stephanie Alderson-Behre

I was genuinely overwhelmed by how much ALL of the children who attended the Perform half-term sessions enjoyed it and what they where able to accomplish over the three days. Incredible. I would book this over and over again. Fabulous!! 

– Mrs Sarah Stephens

Second time Aidan has done a holiday course and he loved it again. We'll definitely be bringing him back for more holiday sessions in the future.

– Mr C. Thompson

High energy and clearly a lot of hard work put in by the producer and teachers. Thank you! Our son loved it and wants to do more classes.

– Mrs S. Minett

I thought the staff handled the 'performance' element of the final day well, in that it was all very encouraging and nurturing. I'm sure my daughter will ask to do it again!

– Mrs Olivia Cornes

All fantastic - a really amazing week. We will definitely do a holiday course again and recommend your incredibly professional and amazing courses. Thank you.

– Dr Daisy Gardener

My boys had a wonderful 3 days which was topped by a lovely performance. I have no doubt they will still be singing the songs in the months to come!

– Mrs Maureen Williams

Superb team clearly interested in their work and very engaging. My daughter loved it. We've already booked the next camp!

– Mrs G. Berkley

My son really enjoyed it - his first comment afterward was, "Can we do the summer camp?"

– Ms S. Heinrich

I'm really impressed by what you achieve with these kids in just 5 days - brilliant!

– Mrs A. Harman

At 4 yrs old who knew Charlotte could act and sing and learn a whole show in 3 days amazing, she had a ball.

– Jess

The boys had such a great time! I don't see how it could have been much better.

– Mr G. Rubinstein

Can not praise Gemma and her team enough. Fantastic experience for my daughter and I will be booking the next holiday course.

– Mrs N. Macpherson

I thought it was excellent. Both my children loved it - they clearly felt involved and included and stimulated and had a lot of fun!

– Miss L. Robinson

Alexander loved every minute of the course, thank you.

– Mrs C. Patel

Matt was absolutely amazing as usual. My daughter loves these holiday workshops - school holidays wouldn't be the same without them! 

– Ms D. Marks

Thank you to Oliver for his enthusiasm and professionalism. I'm a drama teacher and would highly recommend Perform to anyone. A massive thanks.

– Mrs A Loughran-Biggs

I am really impressed how the teachers create this show in two days! Bravo to children and teachers!

– Miss A. Gluzman

Wonderful, it was Florence's first time at Perform and she loved it. She has been singing the songs all week, perfect high energy Summer holiday fun to keep them entertained.

– Mrs J Digweed

The course was brilliant. Alexandra absolutely loved it and is heart broken that she needs to wait until September for the new term and Perform to begin again. Emily and Matthew were great!!

– Mrs N. Bowen

Ella went in to class with a smile, performed with a smile and came out of every rehearsal smiling, singing and full of joy. She had a wonderful time, thank you.

– Ms K. Dubbin

They seemed to have fun from the moment they walked in until the moment they left. It was a great exercise for building the confidence in both of my children. A really wonderful week!

– Alex Estwick

What a fantastic week! Both my twin daughters (aged 6 years) had a wonderful time, all the staff were so understanding, caring & supportive. Each evening I looked forward to receiving Matthew's emails, the emails were informative & entertaining to read, very much appreciated!

– Julia

Matthew and his team were thoroughly professional at all times; Matthew kept us informed of the children's progress during the week which was great, but most and best of all, the children were clearly having GREAT fun. Freddie absolutely loved it. Congratulations to Matthew and the team. Claire

– Claire Kasket

The holiday courses made us fall in love with Perform in the first place. They have energetic, friendly, lively, happy and bubbly staff running them which has rubbed off on the children. The end performances have been professional and the children have always been completely engaged.

– Suzanne Williams

Another great Perform experience that provided a great show and lots of new skills during the week.

– Vanessa Bird

I thought Lucy and Natalie were absolutely brilliant. I have a rather resistant child and she loved every minute - honestly amazing

– Mrs Patel

Sophia LOVED every minute of it and it has worked wonders with her confidence. I will be recommending Perform to all I speak with.

– Sara Pengelly

I thought Olivia was superb. Maisie was a bit worried about being the crocodile, so I explained this to Olivia by phone and when I picked Maisie up, she was so excited about being the crocodile. All the children are really supportive with one another, which is great to see.

– Anna

My children had a great time, learnt so much. Mathew Barksby was great fun and energised the group no end. They loved him.

– Charlotte Winham

Samih enjoyed himself so much this week and seemed to develop in confidence from this experience. He learned the songs so quickly and managed to keep up with everything going on despite being the youngest. I was very impressed.

– Nadia

This is the first time Nancy has attended Perform. I have been blown away with the communication and professionalism of staff. Nancy has had a ball and we were all very proud of her today.

– Nicole Waters

We really appreciated the night time e-mails telling us about what happened that day and what to expect tomorrow. Thank you, I really feel my daughter has benefited from the experience. She says 'mummy please can I do it again soon'.

– Angelina Richards

Haseeb had a great time. Matthew and his team did a wonderful job. Loved the final performance, bring out the best in all the children and the way it was conducted. Highly professional.

– Nazia fakhruddin

I would like to say a huge thank you to Oliver who made such an amazing effort to help Arabella settle. We loved the show and it was wonderful to see all the children enjoying themselves so much, thank you again.

– Justine

We adore Perform - continue to be impressed with the professionalism of the producers and the company as a whole. Everything is really well run and organised, and we love that you value customer loyalty - so many places don't! And our children run to class every Sunday!

– Lucy Shamdasani

I'm just so impressed by the professionalism of the staff. All 3 of them were super with the kids and Leila just loved it from start to finish

– Vanessa Hoch

My two girls absolutely loved it! They are still singing all the songs now. Oliver and Karen were both brilliant with them, and a lot of fun. I was amazed to see how confident they'd become after just five days. We will definitely sign them up again.

– Maud Gal

My child has sensory processing problems but I am delighted with Moya, Olivia and Rachel who really know Lucy and can get the best from her. They are very professional and just lovely people to deal with (listen to all my concerns!)

– Rachel

Both girls enjoyed it, especially Amelia (aged almost 8) and the enthusiasm of the teachers was infectious. Lucy (who is only 4) had a wobble on one day and was reluctant to go in, but she got over it! It was a really positive experience for them.

– Kirsty Morley

I think the staff give such great energy and creativity to the event. The 4C approach is phenomenal!

– Marilyn Santiago

My son was not particularly keen to go to Perform. However, he absolutely LOVED his week with Sam and the team to the extent that on the last day he asked to go back again next week. They all seemed to have so much fun and I couldn't believe what a wonderful play they produced. 

– Alex Estwick

Diya absolutely loved her week. She was so happy to go every day and is excited to join your term time classes. The performance was lovely. I really appreciated how Olivia, Rachael and Moya ensured that each child had a voice and a presence in the play - very inclusive. 

– Shilpa Bhandarkar

High quality very personal well organised I could go on v impressed. I thought it was a little expensive when I paid but now I see why. Sam was approachable and warm. My daughter was well stimulated and happy.

– Sally Richards

Sam really enjoyed the week. He was a bit overwhelmed, being one of the youngest in the group and never having been in any sort of play before, but he stepped up to the mark and wasn't all that quiet on the day!

– Jane Lewington

I think the Woking Perform Team did a marvellous job. My daughter really enjoyed her week with Perform. I was a little anxious my 'nearly' four year old would be too young but she fitted in and had a really super time. 

– Angelina Richards

Fantastic the way you keep the children absolutely focused and excited throughout whilst giving them a chance to boost their confidence. Will definitely sign up for weekly classes. A big thank you to the producer and staff.

– Akiko Muller

Really catchy songs which Evelyn enjoyed learning. Impressed that Moya played the piano for the performance as in my experience children sing better with a 'live' accompaniment which can adapt to the needs of the children. 

– Clare Carter

This was Stella's first experience of perform. It was amazing to see her joining in, doing the moves and the singing and to hear her say her line and her name at the end of the performance was just amazing! Stella had a great week and the performance was superb!

– Katie Simmonds

We think it's brilliant for building confidence and have recommended it to others.

– Suzanne Murphy

Logan absolutely loved this class and Sophie and the team were fantastic. The performance after just 9hrs in the week was gorgeous. All of the kids were so engaged, the costumes were fantastic (really simple but made all the difference in identifying characters) and it seemed loved by all!

– Paige Jones

I was impressed by the enthusiasm of all the team and astounded that they managed to get my timid son to perform so confidently! Well done!

– Rachel

I was amazed at how much the children learnt in one week.

– Deborah Burkitt

Both of my children absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for the great experience. Perform is professional, fun and a great chance for the kids to gain confidence :)

– Marisa

We really love your work! I love seeing the children enter the world of their imagination and then feel so good with the practical result. Jamie was really proud of his work. We were delighted.

– Lisa

Imogen loves her Perform sessions and they are really helping her gain confidence

– Sarah Burge

Very professional with the needs of the whole child at the heart of it.

– Kate Simon

I love it. The kids love it! We all love it!

– Emma Jacobs

Absolutely brilliant! Isla thoroughly enjoyed it and I was amazed at the progress in 3 days! Couldn't stop grinning during the performance.

– Seema Hope

Anthony had a brilliant time - and I was so impressed at the performance. His lines were audible and he was clearly loving being on stage. It brought tears to my eyes.

– Name supplied

As always I was amazed by what the Perform team had managed to achieve with the children in such a relatively short time. Their energy and professionalism set the standard for children's camps and it is always a pleasure seeing the team working with the children.

– Suzanne Williams

An ideal holiday experience. Small group so plenty of attention given to each child. Excellent.

– Anne O'Hagan

They both really loved it which is wonderful particularly given Sophia is still so young. Thank you - they will be back!

– Joss Conrad

They loved the holiday course and a week on are still singing the songs and practising all of the actions. Thanks!

– Julie Talbot

All the teachers are very animated and have an infectious happiness.

– Patricia Nasseri

India always enjoys partaking in the Perform holiday course. For her, and me, it's as much about the fun and games they do over the three days, as the final performance. As before, she really enjoyed it and I felt she was in safe hands.

– Sarah

She loved it! We've already booked on the next course for the Easter break. She was absolutely glowing after each class.

– Jessica Stephens

The course introduced them nicely to the world of Narnia, which they hadn't read. The teachers kept the children engaged. It was a great way to keep the kids entertained at half-term.

– Michelle Skinner

What your child will enjoy

  • Fun-packed drama, dance and singing sessions throughout 
  • Enthusiastic experienced workshop leaders
  • Tailored approach enabling all children aged 7-12 to participate fully
  • Final performance for friends and family with colourful costumes and music 
  • Personalised certificate of achievement for every child

The course costs £330 for five five-hour days **. Please click to find details of your nearest venues or to book online.

* Fruit and water will be provided but children need to bring a nut-free packed lunch.
** We offer a 25% discount for siblings and reductions for groups. All children are required to wear a Perform T-shirt throughout the duration of the Holiday Course. If your child does not have a T-shirt, this must be purchased at an additional cost of £7.50.